About the team

We're a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team, each with their own specializations. Because of this Praktijk Corpus is able to treat a wide range of pathologies. All patients are welcome. If you might have any questions regarding your condition and who of our team might be your best fit, don't hesitate to contact us. You can contact us via telephone or via e-mail. 

Charlotte Rüdelsheim


Charlotte is co-partner of Praktijk Corpus.

In 2013 she graduated from the University of Antwerp with a Master in Rehabilitation Sciences en Physical Therapy

In 2014 she succesfully obtained her Master after Master in Manual Therapy at the University of Brussels. In 2016 she also obtained her Dry Needling diploma. She has already gained experience in various clinics.

"No standard therapy for each patient, a more individual treatment which is fit to your goals, complaints and daily living, that's what I think is important. I'm cheerful and motivated. Watching a patient leave our clinic with smile on his/her face, that's my goal."

Laurens Habers


Laurens is co-partner at Praktijk Corpus.

Laurens obtained his Master in Rehabilitation Sciences en Physical Therapy: option Rehab in sports at the universities of Antwerp and Brussels. 

In 2019 Laurens succesfully completed the dry needling course at the DGSA (David G Simons Academy)

In the season 2016-2017 Laurens worked as a physio at a professional football club, KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk. 

Laurens previously worked in different sports related and general clinics.

Laurens is specialized in sports related injuries, respiratory physical therapy and musculoskeletal disorders


"My will to learn, enthusiasm, empathy en professional way of working are the 4 pillars in my career as a physical therapist. Together we actively look for the best treatment that is suited to your goals and needs."

Sigrid Ruttyn


Graduated in 2007 as a master in Rehabilitation Sciences en Physical Therapy at the university of Brussels.
In 20011 obtained a postgraduate at the VMWT.
In 2012 Sigrid did a course pregnancy guidance (treatment of pregnancy related disorders such as; pelvic instability, prenatal and postnatal exercises and giving information and advice).
In 2016 she succesfully obtained her postgraduate in dry needling at the FICO.


"II'm driven and enthusiastic, which i like to carry over to my patients."

Ben De Nef


Physical therapy at the Institute for Physical therapy in 1996.
Autogenic drainage at Zeepreventorium Den Haan in 2006. 

Works at Praktijk Corpus since 2004. Classic physical therapy, especially back and neck issues, rehabilitation of hip and knee replacements. 

Ben also works on the cardiac rehabilitation department in the UZA, in Edegem. There Ben rehabilitates people with heart disorders during their stay at the hospital. 

"Being punctual and responsible are very important to me. Feeling the patients' specific issues and possibilities, so we can work together on an individualized exercise program, in the clinic or at home and for the long term. "