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All patients are welcome! Due to the many specializations of the team, corpus has the ability to treat a wide range of conditions/pathologies. 

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You can go to any physiotherapist for general physiotherapy, general physiotherapy forms the basis of many specific techniques. It consists of mobilizations, soft tissue techniques (such as massage and the like), taping, exercise therapy, electrotherapy and so on.


After orthopedic surgery e.g. placing of prosthetics or reconstructions of ligaments, it's advised to perform rehab with a physiotherapist (PT). To protect yourself and your joint. The PT helps you regain mobility. Which (s)he does with the use of several techniques. Such as mobilisations, soft tissue techniques, exercise therapy and by giving information and advice.

Pre- & Postnatal PT

With each pregnancy you're entitled to 9 sessions of free physical therapy (PT). These can take place before or after childbirth. During the sessions you will receive information concerning breathing techniques that help relieve pain during labor. After childbirth the sessions will mostly comprise of exercises that strengthen your pelvic muscles and fixing any others phusical issues you may encounter.

Manual therapy

Manual Therapy's goal is to improve the function of joints, your posture and improve/correct motion. For this we use specific techniques. After the treatment you will experience less pain and more range of motion.

Dry needling

Dry needling is a technique used in the treatment of trigger points in the muscles. Just like acupuncture, we use fine needles, but that's where the similarity ends. Trigger points are local hardenings in the muscle fibers. These can be chronic or acute. These trigger points can be the cause of local or referred pains. Using dry needling we can obtain reduction of pain and improve local blood flow.  Dry needling is not a therapy on it's own and is used as a complimentary therapy.

Posture advice

Improving your posture is an essential part of a physiotherapy treatment. Your physiotherapist will provide customized posture advice so that you can improve your working, sleeping and sitting posture. 

With a good posture you can not only get rid of certain complaints, but you can also prevent them. Do you suffer from neck pain, back pain, hip pain or headaches? Then posture advice can help ensure that you can be relieved of this pain / complaints.

Respiratory physiotherapy

People with lung related issues could benefit from respiratory physical therapy. With the use of specific techniques we can obtain a more efficient respiratory pattern. That way we can mobilize mucus better and therefore evacuate the mucus better. Conditions such like COPD, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia could be treated effectively with the help of a Physical therapist

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a collection of techniques that are used in the treatment of edema and edema related complaints. Edema is the (visible) swelling of a limb or part of the limb due to an accumulation of fluid (lymph). The treatment itself is painless.

Sports physiotherapy

The sports physiotherapist specializes in the treatment of sports-related injuries, the treatment mainly consists of active exercise therapy. This in a medically responsible manner. Every athlete / patient is thoroughly analyzed in order to train as well as possible and to rehabilitate as quickly as possible. Also prevention of injuries is an important part of sport physiotherapy.

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